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Back Tire
Front Tire
Fenders and Chainguard
Front Rack
Crane E-Ne bell
LightSkin LED Seatpost
Bookman USB (front and rear)
Kryptonite Chain
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Fenders and Chainguard Placeholder
Front Rack
Crane E-Ne bell
LightSkin LED Seatpost
Bookman USB (front and rear)
Kryptonite Chain

Diamond 7-speed

Diamond 7 takes you farther and faster than any of our other bicycles thanks to Shimano's 7-speed Nexus hub. Focusing on function, without compromising shape, Diamond 7 is undoubtedly one of the finest bicycles we ever built. Below you can read more about the bicycle’s components, design, add-ons and sizing.       Specs Add-ons Shipping


  • Frame

    stronger and lighter

    The frame is made of double butted Cro-Mo steel and feature high-end internal housing. Double butted tubing has thinner walls where the loading is the least, which makes for a lighter frame. The bicycle weighs 12 kg. The frame comes in 53 cm (XS-S), 56 cm (M/L), and 59 cm (L-XL).

  • Rear Hub

    Harder, faster, stronger

    The bike comes with a 7-speed Nexus hub from Shimano, which you control via grip shift. The Nexus 7 is renowned for it's reliability and has a 245% overall range to cover both the steep uphills and the part of the commute where you can ride fast and hard.

  • Saddle

    All Weather comfort

    One of the bicycles’s most important components is the saddle, and the Diamond 7 is equipped with a Brooks Cambium All Weather. The saddle naturally flexes for superior comfort and maximum durability through a vulcanised rubber and waterproof nylon top.

  • Brakes

    Double braking power

    The front brake and brake lever are made of lightweight aluminium, and because of a smart quick release you can assemble the front wheel without changing any of the brake’s settings. Diamond also features a regular foot brake.

  • Wheels

    Minimal resistance

    We have equipped the Diamond 7 with a high-end lightweight bicycle hub with sealed bearings. Along with the wheel’s double-bottomed aluminum rims from Shinning, and the bicycle’s Kenda tires, you get a smooth cycling experience with minimal resistance and great control. All our bikes have 28 inch wheels.

  • Steering

    Japanese engineering

    The bicycle has a sealed high-end headset from Tange Seiki Japan that responds smoothly to your actions. The handlebar is 540mm and equipped with rubber grips and a gripshift that let's you master the bicycles 7-speed Shimano hub.

  • Crank

    CNC machined beauty

    Our crankset is made of beautifully CNC machined aluminum with crank bolts in stainless steel. The default gear ratio is 46/20 and the crank arm is 175 mm.


  • Frontrack

    Easy packing

    Our aluminum front racks are functional, light and durable. The loading area is 30 x 40 cm with 6 cm upright railing to keep your belongings in place.

  • fenders

    Function and Form

    Our high-end fenders and chain guard have a sleek profile and is made entirely of aluminum. They have a hundred percent protection against wet road conditions and color matches the bicycles both frame colors perfectly.

  • Bicycle bell

    Minimalistic design, maximized sound

    Crane bells are made in Osaka, Japan. These traditional designs are timeless and have beautiful clear ring tones. The E-Ne has only a 37mm diameter, but make no mistake, your presence will not go unnoticed, this is Japanese handicraft at its best. Mount it on top or in front of your handlebar for easy access.

  • LED Seat post

    Light up the night

    The LightSkin seat post has five built in high brightness LEDs. The power comes from 2 Alkaline AA batteries, giving you a 50 hours continues light in constant mode, and 100 hours in flickering mode. Please note that you need at least 12,5 cm of the seat post visible when mounted in order for the LEDs to work properly.

Order & Shipping

After placing your order online it usually takes 2-7 days before FedEx deliver your new bike. We ship internationally.

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Your bicycle order is delivered 90% assembled to your door, unless you prefer to pick it up in our Stockholm store ready to ride.

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Our bikes are built with carefully selected quality components, and we offer 1 year product warranty and 3 year complaint right.

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Color Size Frame Seat & Grips / Frame Front Tire Back Tire Seat Grips Fenders and Chainguard Front Rack Susp. Length Front/Back Black Svart 59 White Red Yellow Blue Ljusblå Dark blue Grey Pink Green Grön Metallic Dark green Brown Dark brown Honey Black Black 59 Cream White White Red Yellow Blue Light Blue Dark Blue Grey Pink Green Green Metallic Dark Green Brown Dark Brown Olive Green Metallic Blue Shiny Black Shiny White Celadon Green Pale Grey Light Blue Mint Green Copper Chrome Chrome Raw White / Matte White Matte White 56 Matte White 59 Dark Brown / Matte White Matte White 56 Matte White 59 Black / Matte Black Matte Black 56 Matte Black 59 With Without Yes No