BIKEID x RT Surfboards x Rasmus Wingårdh

Passion project

Besides a passion for bikes we also have a passion for surfing. Through a friend of ours we were introduced to long-time surfboard shaper Alberto Galetti from RT Surfboards with the mission to shape us a board that would work for the somewhat challenging conditions in the Baltic sea. We were truly impressed with the input and recommendations so we decided to team-up, expand the project and share it with our customers resulting in a quiver of boards with the Nordic surfer in mind. Since we also love design we reached out to our friend and fashion designer Rasmus Wingårdh to put the final touches on the project.

All boards are available for custom order to a good price. Normal delivery is 2-4 weeks. Send us an e-mail if you want to talk about your next board. This is a true passion project and as far away as you can come from a money grab.

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