Terms and Conditions

The general terms and conditions apply to all purchase agreements that you as a consumer enter into with Stålhästen Cyklar AB (559118-3214) at St Eriksgatan 106, 113 31 Stockholm, Sweden. In order to safeguard your interests as a customer, the provisions of the Consumer Sales Act (SFS 1990:932), the Distance and Home Sales Act (SFS 2005:59), and the Personal Data Act (SFS 1998:204) apply to all purchases on www.bikeid.se and its underlying domains.

Applicable law and dispute

The agreement is governed by Swedish law. Disputes regarding the interpretation or application of these Terms shall be interpreted in accordance with Swedish law.

In the event of a dispute, Stålhästen Cyklar AB will adhere to decisions from the Swedish Consumer Agency. The Swedish Consumer Agency can be contacted via www.arn.se or alternatively at Box 174, 101 23 Stockholm."

Payment Options

BIKEID collaborates with Klarna to handle transactions. This provides both you as a customer and us as a company with security. Klarna offers several different payment options, including invoice, instalment payments, card payment, bank transfer, or buy now, pay later.


Our bike comes fully assembled with the exception of the handlebar, the front wheel, pedals, basket (Step-through models) and front fender. You’ll receive an assembly manual with a step-by-step guide. To assemble a bike takes between 10-30 minutes depending on the model. If you order add-ons to your bike they might be shipped separately and you need to assemble them yourself.


Fedex is our designated distributer for bicycles and accessories found in our shop. We might in some occassions use other forwarders such as UPS, Postnord and DHL. Delivery time is normally 1-4 days in Sweden,4-8 days in the rest of EU and 4-10 days in the US, unless otherwise stated in your order or your order confirmation. However, in the unlikely event that your order is delayed you’ll be informed about this via email sent to the address you stated at the time of your purchase.


Our prices are in SEK,EURO and USD. Small differences from your bank’s current exchange rate may occur, and we disclaim any responsibility for the amount shown in Euro (€) or SEK on your receipt If it does not match the actual amount you pay.

Return policy

Your right of regret is valid for 14 days. To exercise your right, you must give us notice hereof, in your notice you must state that you regret your purchase. Your notice is preferably given to us via e-mail to info@bikeid.se. The period, within which you have the right to exercise you right of regret, commences the day you receive your order, or a substantial part of it. To exercise your right to regret, you must maintain the goods in as good condition as we delivered it to you. This implies that the product must be packed in its original wrapping and unused. You may of course examine the product as long as you’re careful. If a product is damaged or lost because of negligence, you lose your right to regret.

Warranties and complaints

We offer 1 year product warranty and 3 year complaints right (right to complain regarding production errors). We only process complaints if you have a valid receipt of your purchase. You issue a complaint by informing us within a reasonable time after you discovered the defect. You must also explain why you think the product is defect. The warranty does not cover periodic inspections, maintenance, repair, replacement of parts due to normal wear and tear and damage caused to the product through improper use or handling.


Returns are made at your own expense unless the product(s) is defect. Returns must be sent to us via mail or packages, not by C.O.D. (Cash on delivery). For exchanges we will pay the new shipment from us to you. When you exercise your right you should send the product back to us. If you exercised your right of cancellation we will refund what you paid for the item as soon as or within 30 days from the date we received the goods. BIKEID offer return service for accessories for 195 SEK and bicycles for 495 SEK.

Privacy policy

Please see our privacy policy

Unclaimed packages

Not retrieved goods are returned to us. For any package that is not claimed, we reserve the right to charge you the cost of return shipping and all handling fees - 295 SEK for accessories and 495 SEK for bicycles.