The board that started the project

The Heiden Stick

We were talking to Alberto about shaping a board that would suit our local break “Torö Stenstrand” which is mostly surfed in the cold months from October to March in onshore conditions. It was quite obvious that the board needed volume to get you in to waves early, improve paddling and take you through flatter sections however we were looking for something different than some of the shorter bulkier small wave boards that we’ve tried before. We wanted a board with some bite and control for the better/steeper sections at the break.

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Performance model for less than perfect waves

The Everyday

This could be the board for the better days in the Baltic sea and/or your go to board for average conditions on your surf trip. Not as bulky and fat as some other small wave shapes but still a flatter rocker and fuller outline than a standard performance shortboard.

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For your well-earned surf trip

The Wineyard

Named after our designer this board is just like a fine wine to great food. It’s fast, accurate and easy to surf and shines when the waves are shoulder to couple of feet over head with good conditions.

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